Tickets sold out in only six minutes for the human towers competition of Tarragona

The 5,200 tickets that went on sale for the traditional human towers competition of Tarragona were sold out in only six minutes. 4Tickets, reference company of ticketing, has been responsible to sell the tickets of the most important event of human towers in Catalonia, will be celebrated on 2nd October at Tarraco Arena Plaça.


Given the strong expectation generated, the sale ticketing service worked perfectly, still of more than thousand requests at the same time to buy tickets. The users bought the localities without problems of connection to the server, also to establish a new record time of sale the tickets for the reference competition at human towers world. The successful sale of the tickets was thanks to a good coordination of 4Tickets with the sales needs.

The human towers have become more popular among Catalan population on the last times. Human towers started over 200 years ago in Camp de Tarragona and afterwards, were expanded to Penedès. UNESCO declared this Catalan tradition as Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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